Gain useful insights and make rapid decisions regarding the health, sustainability and profitability of your business – at a glance.

Gross Profit Analysis

Easily determine the profitability and the reason for any spikes or dips for each service or product that you sell.

Sales to Gross Profit Analysis

Instantly visualise and home in on the detail driving the profitability of your business.
Keeping it simple…Green is good, orange needs your attention and red is danger!

Cash Flow

Always know whether or not you have enough cash to cover expenses this month and the next.
Use the income and expense adjustments functionality to simulate anticipated spikes or dips before they impact your business.

Company Health

Unleash your inner Sherlock!
FUnancial SMART provides you with instant access to monthly Income and Expense changes (clues) in actual figures! Say goodbye to time-wasting, complicated spreadsheet analyses.