Make rapid and informed financial decisions

Gain insight into the profitability of each of your services or products

Find out why your money in the bank does not match expectations

Continuous visibility into the profitability drivers of your business

Laptop with Funancial Dashboard

Helping you make rapid, informed business decisions

Business Questions Matrix

Tried-and-Tested methodology

Funancial works directly with data from your accounting package to give you meaningful & actionable information without the pain which comes with standard management or tax reports designed for the needs of compliance and tax regulators.

Smart Proprietary Analysis Algorithms

Cloud SAAS accessible 24×7

Simulated cashflow and profitability analysis

Integrates with your accounting solution

Our priority is to enable you to run a successful & profitable business! where you are equipped with continuous visibility into what is driving the profitability of your products and business as a whole. .

Escape manual spreadsheet-based analysis

Funancial Smart automates the daily analysis of your financial data delivering the financial intelligence needed in a consistent & repeatable manner

Reduce errors

Eliminate time wasted dealing with out-of-date data, formula errors, formulas consistency, mis-typed numbers, inefficient formatting, file versioning, lack of checks & balances etc. which vary depending on the person creating the analysis work


Deliver repeatable reporting content with consistent formatting no matter which organisation you are managing, elevating the quality of your work no matter when or by whom the report is generated.

Multi User

Increase collaboration effectiveness through a common way of measuring financial results, enabling discussion and new opportunities discovery together with your team and clients.


Eliminate the effort needed to manually export, import, & pivot your financial data to be up-to-date with your financial information. Stream the results directly from your accounting package delivering faster, more accurate information in a click-n-go fashion.

Free your time on work which can be automated

Eliminating the complexity in understanding the financial health of your business freeing you up to focus on what you do best!

Who is Funancial for?

Business Owners

Empowering Sole traders and CEOs of Small to Medium Businesses (SMB) to:

  • manage overall business performance
  • drive meaningful priority actions which have a material impact on their business.
  • manage your best-performing and underperforming managers with data and information they can use to achieve mutual growth
  • keep a vigilant eye on which customers owe you money, and which products are contributing to your profitability

Management Leadership

Empowering C-Level, VPs, leaders and managers running one department or multiple subsidiaries to:

  • manage the performance & profitability of the business lines under their leadership.
  • build great team habits which prioritise supplier management operations
  • run a data-driven operation
  • actively support and invest in enabling your team to achieve their goals & objectives

Service Providers

Empowering accountants, bookkeepers and other service providers to:

  • deliver higher quality products which complement existing offerings
  • generates new revenue streams
  • grow the average spend per customer through additional value add.
  • increase customer stickiness.
  • automate the process of customers understanding their data, saving you time and allowing you to focus on acquiring new clients or upselling your services.
  • develop a smoothened recurring revenue model.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Funancial slashed the time it took me to understand what was happening in my business by over 75%!
It is astonishing how before Funancial, we used to spend days fiddling with spreadsheets and compiling reports and we still did not get nearly as good of a result as we do now!

Brent Burt
Director – SI Futures

SI Futures logo


Funancial saves our team members at least 2 days every week each as they prepare overall status updates for our clients.
It also saves me at least two full days a month for every company I am involved in to keep updated, and things under control!

Geordie Hogarth
Founder – Grinsens

Grinsens logo


Finally! a tool which helped me achieve a common language between the CEO of the company!
We now discuss business progress & outcome focus initiatives using the same language!

Tiziana Muscat
Finance team – Holivia Ltd

Holivia Logo


I use Funancial SMART on a weekly basis to ensure my bookkeeping team is doing their job – making sure I am always aware of what is happening in the businesses we support.
Funancial SMART is a must-have application for anyone interested in automating the tedious process of extracting the most important numbers and their meaning from their accountancy reports!

Tessa Brown
Director – Funancial Services

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