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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is very easily achieved by inviting the user account with Funancial User account rights from within Funancial.

NOTE: Only accounts assigned Administrator access within Funancial will be able to modify this permission.

Funancial rounds values to the nearest largest decimal. For e.g. 4.012 is rounded to 4. Likewise, 5.63 is rounded up to 6.  We do this to improve readability.

The purpose of Funancial is to enable business leaders and business analysts to quickly understand the situation of an organisation and enable important decisions to be made – fast.  In this scenario, adding decimals to the figures adds clutter with very little value.

XERO is currently the accounting package Funancial Smart can connect to out of the box to retrieve financial information about organisations.

We understand that XERO is only one of the most commonly used accounting packages in Small to Medium Businesses.

While we fully intend to support additional accounting packages such as Intuit, Sage and others, our priorities are based by on responses we get from our clients.

Please register your interest in supporting additional accounting packages by sending an email to or submit a feature request via our Contact Us page.

Our analysis model results are only as accurate or as up to date as the information inside the XERO account it is pulling information from.

That is why we offer supporting Business Assistive Services as part of Funancial offerings.

Our intention is to create a partnership model which leverages technology and personalized services which in turn enables our clients to always have access to the latest information about their business which is properly and relevantly categorised.

Funancial Smart works by processing the information about companies

As a business leader, these are frequent common questions which Funancial helps answer:

  • Do I have enough cash to survive this month?
  • Do I have enough cash for the near future?
  • Do I need to strengthen or change my sales strategy (Income)?
  • What is my real profit at the end of the day?
  • Am I making enough money on the products / services I am selling (gross profit)? Which in turn leads to:
  • Do I need to increase my prices?
  • Do I need to negotiate discounts from or change suppliers?
  • Do I have enough cash to survive this month?
  • Do I have enough cash for the near future?
  • Do I need to strengthen or change my sales strategy (Income)?
  • What is my real profit at the end of the day?
  • Should I be concerned about my operating expenses?
  • How much money am I making? And why do I always seem out of cash?
  • Are my expenses getting out of hand?
  • Do I have enough cash for the month?
  • Which of the solutions I sell are making me money?
  • Which customers must I chase for payment?
  • Where is all of my money going?
  • Which solutions are selling well?
  • Why are accountants so hard to understand?
  • Will my business still be viable in the near future?
  • Will my business still be viable if I make this one-off purchase?
  • Should I focus on Net Profit, OPEX, Gross Profit or Sales?
  • What is the value of work that will be invoiced this month?
  • Which are the services I am buying which are costing me more than the previous period?
  • Are my suppliers providing me with deals which enable me to be reasonably profitable when selling?
  • Are my suppliers enabling me to be successful? (gross profit)
  • Are my operational costs under control? (net profit)
  • Am I in danger of losing my company soon? (net profit)
  • Is it even worth continuing or doing all of this work? (net profit)
  • Is there danger of losing my company in the short to medium term (short term liquidity)
  • Am I achieving the goals that I set for my company targets?
  • Do I have enough money to change strategy? (reserves)

While providing typical data points as that you may find in accountancy packages, Funancial goes well beyond by providing you with the necessary tools to compare your historic and future behaviours based on actual data and trends.

Funancial is there to enable you as a business leader or business analyst quickly gain a view of the health of the organisation you are managing.

  • Step 1: Ensure Funancial is still connected to your Xero organisation
    • Use the status icon on the Dashboard to identify whether the connection between Funancial and the Xero organisation you are managing is intact.
    • There are normal circumstances where connectivity between the two may have been broken and for security reasons not re-connected without your express authorisation.
    • Should the connection be broken, click on the Re-Connect button and follow the in-product instructions to re-create the connection.
  • Step 2: Ensure your bookkeeper is entering the information promptly
    • If your bookkeeper or record keeping owner does not update XERO on a daily or weekly basis, Funancial Insights capability and usefulness will be severely limited!
    • That is why Funancial also offers Business services through our offering via our Funancial Services team.
    • Our commitment to keep your records up to date with the information supplied will ensure that your business information is also up to date and in the right category as part of our Business Services as a Partner formula.
    • Reach out to us on for more information!

Yes. Every user assigned Administrator rights within Funancial may add any number of organisations to manage as long as they are within the operating boundaries of the Funancial license, and they have authorised access to the organisational account on XERO.

Funancial is neither  a bookkeeping tool nor is it an accounting reporting tool.
Xero is a great solution used predominantly by accountancy firms, for accountancy needs. As a result it is specially attuned towards being great at creating the necessary reporting and views as needed by accountants and taxation entities.
Funancial has a completely different purpose. Funancial is designed help Business Leaders and Business Analysts manage businesses from a profitability standpoint, prioritising continuous awareness and enabling decision making.
As a result of this both the views, interpretations and descriptions are provided in a way to make the information presented actionable by the business leader. We also focus on presenting the information towards attracting your focus on which actions need to be prioritised before others.
That is why together Xero + Funancial = Stronger

Note:  You will be required to provide your Xero login credentials when you connect so please have these to hand before you start the process.

To connect Funancial to a Xero organisation

  1. Go to
  2. Log into your Funancial account

If no Xero organisations have been connected, your first screen will begin the connection process and provide you with instructions on how to complete the connection for your first organisation.

If you already have existing Xero organisations connected and would like to additional organisations to r your account:

  1. On the upper left (underneath the Funancial logo) click on the name of the company currently active
  2. Select Connect
  3. Follow the on screen instructions to connect your next organisation to your account
Funancial builds its model from 2 informational sources:
  • Data retrieved from Xero as per below:
    • Company settings
    • Chart of Accounts
    • Contacts and Contact Groups
    • Executive Summary reports
    • Balance Sheet reports
    • Profit and Loss (Income Statement) reports
    • Invoices / Bills / Credit notes
    • Overpayments
    • Bank transactions
  • Adjustment information as configured within Funancial SMART:
    • General Adjustments for Expenses – those one-off expenses which may be coming your way and should be taken into consideration in the forecast model.
    • General Adjustments for Income – those one-off incomes which may be coming your way and should be taken into consideration in the forecast model.
    • Account associations for Cost of Sales / Direct Costs vs. Operational Expenses.
    • Account details and associates to use for Income / Expense / VAT / Other taxation payments

No. Funancial SMART only retrieves your information from Xero.  It does not manipulate or edit information within Xero. in any way.

Xero is a cloud accounting application for SME’s you can sign up and use for your accountancy needs.

More information about Xero is available from here.

Information about Funancial Smart pricing and licensing is available from here.

You can get your account from here.

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