Funancial SMART – 6 Easy Steps to Success

01 SMART Sign Up

Sign up for your Free Funancial SMART Trial and start transforming your business today!

02 Xero Connection Required

Use your Xero credentials to connect to Funancial SMART. 

03 Ready! Camera! Action!

Once connected, our AI will process your data and present you in-depth, insightful information that you can instantly use to make informed business decisions that prioritise business actions to reduce risk and strengthen your business.

04 Time to Tune Up

Fine tune Funancial SMART setting that are unique to your business. For example:

  • When should I be chasing my clients for payments to avoid cash flow issues?
  • What monthly percentage increase in OPEX or Cost of Sales is reasonable for my business?

05 Form New SMART Habits

Funancial SMART automatically synchronises with your accounting data every 24 hours.
Our algorithms work tirelessly each day, building new business trends and  forecasts that you can use daily to make informed business decisions based on the latest information.

06 Sharing is Caring

Invite your team of managers and executives to share in the insights you have gained – for free! Your entire management team can now work with the latest, easy to understand operational finance information – working together to prioritise and manage actions that strengthen your business.

Sign up for your free FUNancial SMART trial today!