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What is the Funancial Dashboard?

The Dashboard is an overview of your company.  The purpose of this overview is to allow you to easily identify operational areas that may need your attention.

How we use colours in bar graphs to help you to make decisions

All purple bars are averages – Funancial SMART calculates and stores the 3-month or 6-month average (dependent on the value that you have chosen in the Company Settings) for that data set.

If you see Red, Amber (orange) or Green in a bar graph, Funancial SMART has done a comparison against the average and the previous period’s data and is suggesting an action.

  • Red = danger – the value is negative or is consistently getting worse.  This needs your attention.
  • Amber = warning – the value is the same or worse than the previous period but better than the average.  If you do not focus on this area soon, it will probably turn red.
  • Green = success / good – the value is consistently getting better.  You can either focus your attention elsewhere or strengthen the actions that are helping to improve this area.
  • Dark Grey = Not enough data to determine any of the above
If you need to do some investigation on these values, use the Company Health module for more detailed information.

Operational Finance Management

At Funancial, we believe that financial data needs to be presented in a way that allows people to make informed decisions about the operational aspects of the company.  We call this Operational Finance Management.

Standard Profit and Loss / Income Statements and management reports just don’t work well when it comes to day to day operational decisions.

We also believe that concentrating on too many things at once gives you a headache and rarely leads to an optimal outcome.  Funancial SMART minimises the headache potential by breaking the dashboard down into 3 focus areas and 3 useful information areas.

The 3 focus areas are:

  1. Performance Analysis – average and 3 month figures for Income, Cost of Sales, Operating Expense and Net Profit
  2. Profitability Management – the top 3 increases for Income, Cost of Sales and Operating Expenses plus the top three products / services that are contributing to your gross profit
  3. Cash Management – The cash you are likely to have in the bank at the end of the month and an indication on how well you are managing the collection of money from your clients.

The 3 information areas are:

  1. Trend graphs – Monthly performance statistics and quarterly trend statistics
  2. Key financial indicators – Quick access to figures that are generally needed when making cash flow decisions
  3. Financial Health – A quick calculation to assess your company’s short-term liquidity.


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