Funancial uses SMART© proprietary algorithms to unlock the financial intelligence encoded within your accounting data!

Key Features

Really Relevant Profitability Analysis

At last! A system that show Gross Profit on a Service or Product line basis.  Instantly showing which products / services are soaring and highlighting those that need attention.

 Group your income and cost of sales accounts in a way that is relevant to business – not accountants.

Actionable Decision Guidance

Combining your accounting data with our SMART algorithms to give you context-driven guidance that you can use to make informed decisions – fast!

Visual Insights

Red = Danger Amber = Warning 
Green = Success

Every screen is designed to give you valuable insights into the operational finance aspects of your business.  Our AI analyses every piece of information to give you suggestion on where you should focus your attention and aspects that are doing well. 


Root Cause Analysis

Easily analyse the root causes of your financial results.

  • Who are my top customers?
  • Who are my most costly suppliers?
  • Is my OPEX getting out of hand?
  • and many more!

Sensible Debtor and Creditor Management

No more accounting speak like 30 days, 90 days…  

Use “After Due Date” tolerances that make sense to your business and let Funancial SMART alert you when invoices need to be chased or when bills need  to be paid.


Simulate what-if Scenarios

Use Funancial SMART’s Income and Expense adjustments functionality to assess the impact on your current and projected cash flow if you are planning on making new a purchase or increasing operational expenses.

Key Performance Indicators
and Reports

24/7/365 – Funancial SMART produces useful summaries (updated every 24 hours) for Sales, Cash Flow, Profit, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and many more!  Drill down and analyse the detail with a single click.

Financial Time Machine

Funancial SMART connects to your accounting system daily, taking snapshots and crunching the numbers within your financial data,

Use these “cubes” of data to go back in time to analyse and compare then with now and gain even more insight into your company’s financial trends.

Multi-Organisation Support

Running more than one business?  No-sweat.

Funancial SMART can connect to every company that you manage – allowing you to manage all companies consistently using a single, easy to use interface.

Ready For Action

No more spreadsheets!

Funancial SMART natively provides the business- relevant operational finance information that you need to run your business well. 

Interactive analytics

Gain valuable insights in seconds!
Funancial SMART enables you to make timely and relevant decisions based on today’s data.

True product / service profitability

Know where your time and money is best spent.
Identify and prioritise your efforts on activities that generate greater returns.

Information that you need, when YOU need it!

Gone is the need to depend on your financial team to produce and summarise your financial reports. We do that automatically for you.  Just push the button.

Cloud based 
Accessible 24×7

No installation needed. Sign-up, connect and use SMART insights to make decisions that improve your business – anytime, anywhere.

Designed to integrate

Funancial SMART integrates directly with Xero, allowing you to discover business insights and make informed, data-driven decisions.

Focus on what matters​

Focus on the core operational finance of your business instead of wasting time on financial reports designed for shareholders and accountants.

Non-invasive, Secure

The integrity of your accounting data is never compromised – we read from and never write data to your accounting system.

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