How it works


How Funancial SMART Works

Connect Funancial to Xero

Use your Xero account to determine which organizations to connect to Funancial for advanced analysis. Once connected our AI will process your accounting data to build an initial model of the business patterns you are running.

Configure operating parameters that relate to your business regulatory requirements (e.g. sales tax payment period) and business management style (e.g. your real tolerances for delayed payments) etc. 

Customise your settings

If you are an existing customer, log into Funancial SMART. If you are new to Funancial sign up for your Free trial to start your experience. 

Sign up to Funancial SMART 

Give access to your leadership/clients enabling them to have access to the latest KPIs and insights around which more meaningful business discussions can happen.

Share with your leadership & clients

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Build a Daily habit of using Funancial

Through its seamless integration, Funancial auto-syncs accounting data every 24 hours. On every refresh, we re-work your priority actions and business forecast so that you always access the latest information to understand what drives your business profitability.  


Gather immediate insights

Use our insights and guidance to more deeply understand your business and determine which decisions you need to take with priority