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Enabling you with a strong financial foundation

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Our Funancial Services team specializes in delivering Business Assistive Services designed specifically to enable you to focus on the core function of your business while ensuring your financial data is: 

  • systematically processed and recorded 

  • categorized and filed in a format which enables the analysis & reporting of product line level profitability

Your business may also benefit from outsourcing the tedious work of: 

  • Timely invoice & receipt issuance to customers

  • Payment fulfilment to suppliers

  • Transaction reconciliation

  • Data packaged for efficiently processing by your tax advisory, accountancy service or tax processing regulatory body. 


Benefits & ROI


Financial Team Augmentation

Extend your team with capabilities and resources specialised on building strong foundations for financial analysis

Product line categorisation

Process & store your transactional information in a way that enables product line analysis. Use Funancial Smart to access updated reporting based on this work  

Financial data as A digital Asset

Treat your financial data as gold! Leverage this information to support timely & effective

business decisions

Reduced Operational Fees

Stop being charged specialised rates for non-specialised operations by your accountancy service providers for services like bookkeeping etc. Shift that money to more worthy operations like debt collection and new business generation!

More hours in your day

Less time doing these chores means more time to focus on what the business needs to succeed!



With your financial data updated in your accountancy package, you have access to the most important information for you to be and stay in control of your cash flow

On time


With the data ready to be processed, you have access to your Business KPIs via Funancial Smart 24/7/365. At the same time your accountancy service provider is equipped with the information ready to be processed saving time and money on accountancy effort!

Tax season, minimum stress

With data formatted and accountant ready, you are able to process and submit your periodic business reports on time avoiding those pesky fines from late submissions!

We can work with your CPA directly or set you up with one we trust to make sure your taxes are filed painlessly and on time.


Let our in-house specialists do the heavy lifting

SupportBook.pngDebtor collection.pngInvoiceMnagement.png


Dedicated bookkeeping professionals 

that will relieve you from the tedious mandatory burden associated with income and expense management operations

  • Reconcile Accounts

  • Income Statement

  • Balance Sheets

  • Record & Categorize transactions

  • Tax management

Debt Collection

Consistently and reliably follow up with debtors. We can work with your legal representative to follow up overdue accounts and collect debts.

  • Debt surveillance

  • Debt recovery

  • Advice

Invoice Management

Ensuring your invoices are issued on time, together with the management & reconciliation of your bank & credit card statements, payroll and more.

  • Matching POs to invoices

  • Posting

  • Validating invoice data

  • Create receipts of e-invoices

  • Create PO receipts of supplier invoices