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Use the Top Products report to analyse the profitability of the business both on a company level and on a product line level.

Leverage the tools provided to deep dive and discover what may be affecting your business’ profitability.

As already covered in the Getting Familiar section, it is important to remind you of these nuggets which will enable you to maximise your Funancial SMART experience and capabilities:

IMPORTANT: If your bookkeeper does not update the accounting package on a daily or weekly basis, then Funancial SMART’s usefulness will be severely limited!
By default, any income/cost-of-sale account is assigned to “Product #1”. You can customise and configure additional product lines from Configuration > Company Settings > Products I sell.
You can further customise the purpose allocation for the accounts from Admin > Company Settings > Accounts
Should need support on using Funancial SMART please feel free to reach out using our Contact Us form or chat to us using the chat box on the bottom left of your screen below.
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