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Use this module to identify the nature of the expenses affecting the profitability results of your business.

Quickly understand the ‘normality’ of your costs, and when you are incurring them while gaining replies to the following questions:

  • Did any of my expenses change from one month to another? and if yes, what changed?
  • Are my expenses smooth and predictable? or do they jump all over the place in an unexpected manner?
  • What are my top cost changes both in terms of increases and decreases?
  • Is my Cost of Sales increasing in sync with my Total Sales increases or is my supplier costing me more than I can afford?
  • Why are my costs looking so low this month? Have my bookkeepers entered all of the bills received or scheduled for payment?

The Spend Analysis Module allows you to analyse your expenses incurred and allows you to filter the information to allow you to easily home in on the drivers of changes which affect your profitability.

This is particularly useful when you are trying to determine why a particular product which was generating a certain amount of profit for you suddenly increased or decreased.

  • If it increased, you want to make sure all of the expenses were booked by your bookkeeping prior to celebrating a victory
  • If it decreased, you quickly want to determine whether a bill has been allocated to the wrong product line or whether your supplier has increased costs without advising you.
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