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Funancial SMART allows you to manage the configuration settings of various elements including:

  • Your Personal Account Configuration
  • Connected Company Settings
  • Connected Companies
  • Authorised Users
Note:  Only users with Manager permissions can access Company and User settings

My Account Configuration

Manage your user settings by accessing the My Account area from the upper right of the product area.

Company Settings

Manage company level settings from the navigation bar on the left from

  • Admin > Company Settings

In this area, you are able to configure various parameters which allow us to provide you with improved and even more relevant recommendations which will help you make better decisions. These settings include:

  • General Settings such as
    • company alias
    • company logo
    • Funancial SMART skin colours
  • Operational Parameters covering
    • When the business pays taxes
    • What are its tolerance levels to payment by Debtors
    • What are its tolerance levels to pay Creditors
  • The configuration of the various revenue lines (products / services) the company sells
  • Configuration and allocation of accounts to an Account Purpose (used to calculation revenue line profitability and to present financial information in a way that is easy to use to make business decisions)

User Settings

You can configure which users are authorised to access your connected companies and configure the level of access that they have within each company.

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