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Funancial SMART Modules

Funancial SMART is an operational finance toolset that allows you to make rapid, informed and relevant decisions about your business.

Funancial SMART Components


Remember – Funancial SMART uses the Red, Amber, Green (RAG) status indicators (Danger, Warning, Success) to help you to quickly identify areas that may need attention.

The dashboard provides you with a quick, high-level view of your company’s financial health and highlights areas of your business that may need attention.

Use the dashboard to answer these fundamental business questions:

  • Is there a potential danger of losing my company?
  • Are my expenses under control?
  • Where am I in terms of sales?
  • Do I have enough cash to survive this month?
  • Am I making enough profit on the things I am selling?
  • Is my business growing, stagnating or shrinking?
  • Is my debt collection under control?
  • Is there a potential danger that my suppliers will stop supplying me with goods?

Cash Flow

The Cash Flow module provides you with an indication of what your bank account is likely to look like – based on historical averages and known data – at the end of this month and the next.

Use the Cash Flow module to answer these fundamental business questions:

  • Do I have enough cash to survive this month?
  • Do I have enough cash to survive next month?
  • Do I you have enough cash in the bank to pay any taxes that are due?
  • Do I need to delay payments to my suppliers?

Use the in-built “Income Adjustment” and “Expense Adjustment” to quickly analyse those “What if?” questions …

  • If I employ a new staff member, will I still have enough cash to survive?
  • What is the impact on my cash in the bank if I decide to refurbish the office?

Company Health

The Company Health module provides key indicators for your business that may need attention (both in terms of issues that need to be resolved or strengths that should be continued).

Use the Cash Flow module to answer these fundamental business questions:

  • Which products / services are generating the most profit?
  • Which products / services are losing money?
  • Have any expenses increased recently and if so, should I be concerned?
  • Which products / services are selling well?
  • Which customers are generating the most revenue?


The Analyse module allows you to delve deeper into the root cause of identified issues or successful actions.

Use this module to quickly make identify:

  • Products / Services that are  making money over time
  • Products / Services that are losing money
  • Cost of Sales increases (month by month comparison)
  • Operating Expense increases (month by month comparison)
  • The cause of sales dips or spikes
  • The cause of Cost of Sales spikes or dips


Managing debtors and creditors well is the key to successful cash flow management.

Use the Funancial SMART Manage module to:

  • Confirm that your debtor management is under control
  • Identify customers (including contact details) that need to be chased for payment
  • Easily identify invoices that are at risk of never being paid
  • Identify suppliers (including contact details) that need to be contacted in case late payment causes delays in supply
  • Easily identify bills that are so overdue that your suppliers may be on the verge of seeking legal action against you
Funancial SMART interpretation of the data in the accounting package depends on the accuracy, and update frequency of information within the same package.   If your bookkeeper does not update Xero on a daily or weekly basis, the usefulness of Funancial SMART will be severely limited! If you need us to, we can help with bookkeeping so please feel free to reach out to us.
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