Make rapid and informed financial decisions based on up to date information

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Gain insight into the profitability of each of your services or products

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Find out why your money in the bank is below your expectations

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Make confident decisions with scenario forecasting

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Use proven methodologies to manage client payments well

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Gain insight into the root cause for profitability spikes and dips

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Get used to daily financial updates that are accurate and relevant

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Quickly identify operational expense and cost of sale variances

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Operational Finance Services and the FUNancial SMART app. Relevant and FUN!

FUNancial is an idea that was born over 20 years ago – based on the frustration faced by a young entrepreneur trying to solve the problem of getting accountants, financial advisors and finance teams to provide financial management reports that could easily be used for making informed business decisions without wasting time – valuable time that was needed to run and grow the business.

Today, many business owners, Senior Managers and Finance Managers use FUNancial SMART and FUNancial Services to make rapid, informed and relevant decisions to take their businesses to new levels of success.


Building the Business Puzzle

All businesses need a vision and a solid foundation.  The finished puzzle is the vision. Profitability Analysis, Bookkeeping, Bank Reconciliation, Debtor and Creditor Management, Account Allocations and Management Reports are the puzzle pieces.

Funancial provides exceptional apps and services that glue these pieces together (we call it operational finance) and integrate seamlessly with your business.

Business Focussed Financial Information

Whether you use our services or our apps, the information provided to you is up to date, relevant and easy to use.

Everything that we do is based on the fact that we know that your time is valuable and you cannot afford to wade through mountains of confusing financial information.

Start making rapid, informed and relevant business decisions today!

With You - Every Step of the Way

We only use online accounting software to provide our services and our apps are cloud based.  This means that you can watch your profitability soar 24/7 every day of the year.

Use our online chat system, our contact form, emails or phone – our dedicated support team is here to answer any questions that you might have.  We know that running a business requires dedication and our worth is measured by the personal and business success of our clients!

Combining the power of FUNancial SMART proprietary analytics and Xero accounting software

Stronger together: FUNancial + Xero

FUNancial SMART integration with Xero enables business owners and managers to gain daily insights into areas affecting business profitability and cash flow.

Using FUNancial SMART app

Connecting FUNancial SMART to XERO….efficiently…effectively…effortlessly

Authenticate with XERO

In FUNancial SMART, select Connect.. , follow the on screen prompt and enter your Xero credentials on the Xero Login.

One Moment Please…

Wait for FUNancial SMART to synchronise and process your data (this usually takes between 15 and 30 minutes).

Select Your Company

Select the company that you want to connect to FUNancial SMART.

Conquer the World!

That’s it. FUNancial SMART will present you with a Dashboard – providing you with valuable insights that you can use to take your business to the next level.

Who Do We Help?

Every Small to Medium sized business will benefit from our FUNancial SMART app and our FUNancial Services.

Business Owners

Stay focused on growing your business while FUNancial provides you with regular, accurate and timely updates on every important element that affects the profitability of your business.

Business Leaders

Manage the performance, risks  and profitability of your business.
Form a daily habit that allows you to make informed decisions using the latest financial data.

Finance Managers

Stop wasting time generating financial reports using complicated spreadsheets.  Let FUNancial SMART do all the hard work for you while you take all the credit.

Tried and Tested Methodology

FUNancial has spent 20 years developing an operational finance methodology that works well for business owners and managers.  Our proprietary methodology and analysis algorithms ensure that you always have up to date, meaningful and actionable information that you can use to make rapid, informed and relevant business decisions.

Proven Methodologies and Analysis Algorithms

Developed over a period of 20 years and tailored to business owners and managers, this stuff
just works!

Cloud based
Accessible 24×7

Our services use online accounting software and our app is Cloud based –  giving you access to vital information, all day,
every day.

Meaningful Financial Information

Whether you use our services or our app, all reports and views are design to make it easy for you to make rapid, informed and relevant business decisions.

We integrate with your accounting solution

Our staff integrate well with your financial team and management staff and our app integrates with Xero.
What more do you need?

Reach new heights by freeing up  your time on work which can be outsourced or automated

Our goal is to enable you to run a successful and profitable business by equipping you with services and tools that provide continuous visibility into actions that are driving the profitability of your products or services and business as a whole.

Using our FUNancial SMART app and our services frees up valuable time that you should be using to focus on what you do best –
growing your business!

What Our Customers Have to Say

Funancial slashed the time it took me to understand what was happening in my business by over 75%!
It is astonishing how before Funancial, we used to spend days fiddling with spreadsheets and compiling reports and we still did not get nearly as good of a result as we do now!

Brent Burt
Director – SI Futures

SI Futures logo


Funancial saves our team members at least 2 days every week each as they prepare overall status updates for our clients.
It also saves me at least two full days a month for every company I am involved in to keep updated, and things under control!

Geordie Hogarth
Founder – Grinsens

Grinsens logo


Finally! a tool which helped me achieve a common language between the CEO of the company!
We now discuss business progress & outcome focus initiatives using the same language!

Tiziana Muscat
Finance team – Holivia Ltd

Holivia Logo


I use Funancial SMART on a weekly basis to ensure my bookkeeping team is doing their job – making sure I am always aware of what is happening in the businesses we support.
Funancial SMART is a must-have application for anyone interested in automating the tedious process of extracting the most important numbers and their meaning from their accountancy reports!

Tessa Brown
Director – Funancial Services

Funancial logo


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